One question I get asked all the time when people are applying forHead Shot job is this.

“How important is having a great head shot?”

My answer to this is

“It is priceless.”

Why you may ask is it so important? Perhaps “I don’t think that it could be that important can it?” or “Its a waste of money.” Well nothing could be further from the truth. put out a stat. It said that if you had a picture on your site you were 5 times more likely to get your image clicked on my a potential employer. Not to say that people are visual and they develop more of a trust factor when they see a face and are able to connect to the words they are reading.

I asked a business manager of a photography studio a couple of weeks ago about taking business headshots and he told me of the the people that he photographs that over 70 percent come back to him to tell him that they got interviews after they put there picture on there resumes.

I then went to a major employer and asked the hiring director the same thing and with that I she told me that she only looks at resumes with photographs on them because as she said “It shows the employer that you are willing to put forth just a little more effort and with that it usually brings the cream of the crop to the top of the application pool”.


The Test

So with this information I went back home and called 5 of my Pictures for your resume friends that are all looking for a new jobs. I asked them if they had  a picture on there resumes and all five said no. From there I made appointments for 3 of them to get business portraits done. Two weeks later the 3 friends that I made appointments for had got the pictures done. I asked them to put them on there resumes and to see what happened.

Two weeks passed and out of the five friends the two without pictures did not get any calls for interviews. Two of them with the pictures on the resumes had gotten two interview calls and one had received four calls for interviews. I forgot to say that all of them had similar job skills and education. It was the farthest thing from scientific but I had to say that I was convinced.

So if you are in the job market and you are having a hard time with getting your foot in the door try getting a portrait done for you resume.

What do you have to loose?